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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a Passport?
YES, we will travel across the U.S. border and a passport is required for re-entry. Passports are available at most U.S. Post Offices and U.S. Passport Offices. Costs are $100 USD +/-, you may also opt to apply for a passport card, and this piece of documentation is valid for re-entry into the U.S. at any land/sea border crossing. We can assist with more info at our toll free number below or you can apply online at

2. Is it safe in Mexico?
The areas which we travel to and through have no more history of violence than most of the areas that you are from in the U.S. We have traveled and hosted thousands of individuals and conducted numerous events in Mexico without incident. Your odds of problems are generally less than in your home town. All of our trips are guided and your safety and security is our primary concern.

3. What tackle should I bring with me?
Each of our fishing or hunting destinations can vary depending on the place, time of year, or the species of fish or game we are concentrating. Generally the same types of saltwater gear that you are accustom to in your home area will work. 15 lb. - 25 lb. light tackle, 35 lb. - 50 lb. is average, and 80 lb. is tops. #1 - 6 O hooks, circle or J, all types of weights from 1 oz. - 6 oz. Surface irons and "yo yo" types 4 oz. - 6.5 oz. and some swim baits and grubs with leadheads work depending on which species we are targeting. Obtaining live bait is always attempted with each trip when available.

4. Is English spoken?
All of our trips are assigned a bilingual guide from start to finish. This representative of is your communication source throughout your trip. This rep is well versed on all aspects of your trip and will be able to address most needs that may arise during your trip. They are experienced with all the personnel, locations and businesses that will provide services to our clients.

5. On hunting trip, can I bring my gun?
Possession of guns and ammo in Mexico is illegal and is punishable by prison without the correct permits. We can assist in the correct permits with at least 2 months notice for a fee paid to the Mexican government. Guns are available for rent on the hunt at a daily fee of about $25.00 (each location may vary slightly). Ammunition must be purchased from the guide/club owner at each individual location for approximately $20.00 per box. Remington and Beretta Shotguns are available. All hunting licenses and permits are included in our all-inclusive pricing.

6. Are single rooms available on the excursions?
Yes, in most of our destinations we can provide single (one person per room) accommodations. There will be a single room surcharge for each day of the stay. Surcharge will vary at different locations.

7. Is cooler and freezer space available on the multiple day trips?
Yes, we generally carry a couple of 120 quart coolers on all trips and have arranged for freezer space to handle all fish and/or game from day to day. Fish cleaning and packaging is provided. Game bird cleaning may incur a surcharge.

8. How much money will I need on my trip for additional items?
All transportation, hotel, food, boats, guides, etc. are included in our All Inclusive Baja Fishing and Hunting Trips. Gratuities are not included. Items of a personal nature and souvenirs are not included. Persons who should be tipped are the guides (hunting or fishing), waiters/waitresses, fish and game processors, deck hands/bird boys, translators/drivers, etc. We strive to make sure that your hosts and service providers provide you with a safe, courteous, fun outdoor adventure. We ask that you reward them if they do so in a professional manner and they work hard for you. If you are with them for multiple days you may be surprised how hard they work. This is a major source of income for them and their families. Thanks for your consideration. Most of the places we will go do not accept credit cards or ATM cards nor are their ATM machines available. Our representative will provide a place for the best rates for exchange of currency at a location during your trip. Do not hesitate to ask for advice on tips and any other questions you may have with your trip Host.

9. Are there trips available that can be customized to include multiple destinations as well as hunting and fishing combinations?
Yes, we offer any of our locations in combination or in duration of stays or number of guides hunts or fishing trips. Rest day or travel days can be spaced in between excursions. We also off side trips for sight seeing local wonders such as wine country trips, whale watching, cheese processing and organic food cultivation on Mexican farms, dive trips, etc. We also offer trips with air and ground transportation. Consult one of our representatives for more info at our website or call our toll free number 1-800-733-7831.

10. Are trips available year round?
Yes, although some of our hunting trips do have seasons that are regulated by the Mexican government. Each of our fishing destinations have fish that can be caught year round. The species may vary with time of year but there are always plenty of catch available. Certain areas are more weather friendly than others during certain months of the year. Some Baja fishing destinations have migratory species; some have resident fish, and others have a combination of both throughout the year. But rest assured our guides know how and when to fish. We catch fish in places and at times that nobody else does….experience does help! Let us show you ours.

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